The Growls of Greta

Greta came into my life an 8 week old tiny little ball of spunk n spitfire.  My house was the 5th she’d had in her short life, and the fact I had other cats did not detour her determination to rule the roost.  On her 1st night in our house, she growled and puffed herself to her largest size, prancing around the bed scaring my 20 lb cats so badly, they sought refuge elsewhere for a week!  That night she became Greta Garbo Growly.  The growling was not a one time event, to this day she growls everytime the doorbell rings, a stranger enters the house, or if she hears a sound she does not like.

Artsy Cat Perch

I have gone through numerous cat posts over the years — replacing straggly carpet with hemp rope and/or carpet pieces until I was sick of carpet stubble.  After an extraneous search in a variety of venues for a cat perch that would satisfy the cats and not look too hideous in my living room, I finally found an artsy looking perch that will mix and  match with my moves for years to come!  The attached tree was discovered at Muttropolis (  The girls are happy and it blends nicely with my bamboo floors!

Cat Perch

Cat Perch

The side of this post has a replaceable sisal carpet.  There are also sisal panels on each level and one inside the house.  The house roof  has a foam pillow and the roof itself lifts off for easy cleaning.

Itchy Bottoms

Recently I came across a butt streak on my ottoman.  Since I have hard wood floors throughout the house, the stool was the only surface Twinkles could find that would itch her bottom.  I couldn’t blame her and I really couldn’t be mad at her – as humans, we often take our hands for granted.  We don’t stop to think about an itch…we just take care of it.  Our beloved felines must get creative when a hard to reach itch stalks them.  

Not one to rush to the vet at every hiccup, I  looked for a simple and non-toxic home remedy to help Twinkles out.  I cleaned up her pants with a little almond oil and followed it with a paper towel doused in warm water.  She didn’t care much for the oil and gave me he surprised squeaky meow.  The wet paper towel was a different story – she really liked the warmth and danced her happy tail dance.

Pampered Paws

 Meet Twinkles, a calico who thinks she is a person.  Twinkles loves her stuffed bunnies – her favorite nap spot is in their lap! 

Twinks' White Rabbit